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EHS FOCUSED - We will be conscientious, socially, responsible, and strive to develop renewable, sustainable products maintaining our focus through continuous improvement.
RESULTS DRIVEN - Our core business activities will be high performing, profitable, and focused on customer satisfaction.
CUSTOMER FOCUSED - We will undertake our customers' diverse challenges to deliver sustainable solutions.
INTEGRITY - Our employees will conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies respect, honesty, accountability, and reliability.
INNOVATIVE - We will instil a pioneering spirit and continuously develop new and technologically advanced solutions and initiatives.
OPEN COMMUNICATIONS - We will foster open communications, both internally and externally.
A GLOBAL TEAM PLAYER - We will work as a cohesive team with common vision and goals. We will recognize and appreciate diversity, listen to different points of view, and welcome initiatives form team members.
RECEPTIVE TO CHANGE - We will see opportunities, remove barriers and commit to improvement. We will work hard to build acceptance and engagement through collaboration, engagement, and inclusion.
Our Services
Reorientech was founded in 2012. Reorientech is based in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune, India. Reorientech have a strong and experienced administrative and technical team with years of experience in information technology, consulting and administrative services.
Our Process
To be a leading service software development company which provides full range of development services from designing, development, testing, implementation, project management, maintenance and consulting services to our clients and to build a long.
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