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Whatever you read on latest Object Identification Technology in market you will come to know about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. Surprising fact is that it is not a new technology; it was first used over sixty years ago by Britain to identify friend and foe aircraft in World War II and was part of refinement of Radar.
RFID is evolving as a major technology enabler for identifying and tracking objects (such as Goods, Asset, Persons, Animals). It helps organizations in locating critical objects more quickly to improve process efficiency and accuracy and also promises to enable new efficiencies in the supply chain by tracking goods from the point of manufacture through to the retail point of sale.
How RFID guided Solutions works?
RFID guided solutions are reading of physical RF Tags on single products, cases, pallets or reusable containers which emit radio signals to be picked up by reader devices. These devices and software supported by sophisticated solution architecture enables the collection and distribution of location based information on real time basis.
RF Tags contain a unique identification number and additional necessary information related to objects for organizations that needs to track the physical location of objects. All Information stored on RFID tags accompanies items as they travel through supply chain or organizational business processes. All information on RFID tags, such as product attributes, physical dimensions, prices or laundering requirements, can be scanned wirelessly by a reader at high speed and from a distance of several meters.
Complete Solution combines technology of RF Tags and Readers with Database ensures real time access to up to date information about relevant products/objects at any point of time in supply chain/organizations.
Listed below are core benefits of using RFID technology in state of the art solutions.
  •   No line of sight needed.
  •   Allows check-out and check-in several items simultaneously.
  •   Information directly attached to product.
  •   Performing both identification and antitheft in one single operation.
  •   Different shape and sizes available.
  •   Able to tag almost anything.
  •   Accelerate scanning and identifying.
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